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Yoga has been proven as an extremely effective way to relieve stress, strengthen the body and mind, and improve overall health.

Those who practice yoga on a regular basis, understand just how powerful the effects can be as it cultivates a feeling of peace and well-being to ones life. Employees with high stress levels and at desks most of the day can benefit greatly from regular Yoga routines. Employers who offer corporate Yoga will see positive results, including higher productivity, fewer sick days, and a more positive attitude among employees.


Danica has been working with a number of major corporations in Dubai offering weekly classes, seminars, wellness speeches and workshops. She presented and worked with likes of Google, AW Rostamani Group, Tokio Marine & Nichido, Coca Cola Middle East, Dubai Health Authority and others.


Depending on your corporate needs Danica can create a one off event for your company or set up weekly classes for employees in your own corporate space. Typically meeting rooms are a good place to practice yoga.

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