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“Danica is one of the rare teachers who breathes life into her practice. She welcomes all with kindness and warmth, making a space for all practitioners, from the novice to the veteran yogi. Her flow is creative, beautiful and precisely cued. Her teaching consistently elevates the practice of her students and results in true transformation. “


Jane Thompson, Malaysia

Danica is far more than a yoga teacher and a life coach. She is a a saviour, a blessing, a generous soul who has the intention to awaken you in the most gentle, unimaginable way. She is an artist and has the ability to take deep complexities and simplify them in order to heal and progress from any situation. Danica has helped me beyond words. Her care, love and selfless service to my healing has blown me away. I call her my guru because as a psychologist with over 15 years experience, Danica’s approach has shown me things that have been sitting under my nose, untouched for years. Danica is smart, astute and aware. I trusted her from the minute I met her and time after time, she shows up and blows me away with her unbelievable gift. Her gift is seeing the light within you and bringing your awareness to it through gentle work and healing. Thank you Danica for everything. I will forever be grateful.


Mamta Saha - Life Coaching Client, UK

"Danica is the whole package. Everytime I practice with her, I feel centered - mind, body and soul. I ascribe this to the creativity of her flows and to the bits of soulful wisdom she so generously shares with her class. She is an absolute wonder and you can always count on her practice to leave you feeling  freer and more elevated than when you came in."

Dwaa Osman

“Danica’s Zoom yoga classes are literally the highlight of my week. It was my first experience with online classes, so I wasn’t so sure about how it was going to be before trying, but Danica makes it a complete, deep and connected yoga practice. From the start, she’s right there, welcoming me in, asking about how I arrive, following during the whole session, guiding and challenging me until the very end. Also, knowing that I can now practice with her wherever I am, or will be, is a very big plus.”

 Amalia Lopez, Dubai

“Danica is a gentle spirit along with being highly trained. She makes the asana look so easy without diminishing those who are unable to reach the desired pose. Danica lives her lessons and her passion for yoga transforms into art during every lesson.”


Linda Mahoney, Dubai

“I'm grateful to have met Danica a couple of years ago. She has been an amazing teacher and one of the main reasons why I have really enjoyed practicing yoga regularly. In addition to being an extremely knowledgable and experienced yoga teacher, she brings a wonderful playful and compassionate energy to each session. Her sessions are as much physical as they are spiritual - a wonderful mix of postures, meditation, breath work and occasionally some beautiful short spiritual texts that Danica reads towards the end to remind us of the inner journey that we are all on. “


Bilal Kabbani, Dubai

"Danica is simply the best yoga teacher I've ever had.

I recommend her to every single body who looks for

physical and spiritual development. Danica gave me private classes when I was in vacation in Dubai, and ever since I came back in Switzerland I am trying to find a teacher as inspiring as her. She is an incredible loving person who takes time to listen and to put her client's desire in practice. Yoga classes with her are a pure pleasure."


Sarah Menen, Switzerland

"Before I met Danica I had a hesitation toward yoga. I never really felt any connection with the practice or my teachers, didn't feel "zen" during or after a class. Danica is the first teacher that I've had who has changed my view on the practice. Her classes bring a sincere sense of calm and comfort that leaves you walking out of practice feeling physically tired, but mentally rejuvenated and strong. Whether there is one or 20 students in her class,

Danica shares her good energy and positive vibes with each and every one of her students, making us feel empowered.

Danica is truly wonderful!"


Sarah Vanderloo, Dubai

I have had Danica as a private yoga instructor and have joined many of her group classes over the years. Hands down, my favourite instructor. Her energy is beautiful and each class is structured so well allowing us the freedom to choose how far we want to go on the day with very precise instruction. Her classes really are balanced and wonderful in every way and I can’t recommend her enough” 


Edana Schul, Kuala Lumpur


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