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Closing out 2020

How is it possible that we are already nearing the end of this year? I remember coming back from India in February and two weeks later the world is seriously talking about lockdowns, covid, etc. And here we are on the other side of the storm, or nearly there. Now, as the world is getting busier again, it all seems to be sped up by the Christmas holidays. Our Christmas tree has been up since December 1 and my little ones are excited about it all. Watching them being giggly and dancing around the house, makes me feel festive too. As 2020 comes to a close, I feel gratitude for my kids, my husband, our health and the garden that kept us sane during the lockdowns. People say that we had so much time this year. I disagree. We always have had the same amount of time but what we had this year was the opportunity to know stillness. We couldn’t go places, so we didn’t. We couldn’t do this and that, so we didn’t. Instead, we found ourselves at our homes with no where to go! And we got to meet up close and personal....Ms. Stillness. I wonder if we could take that with us into this holiday season and into 2021. Can we still be productive and ambitious, but move from a grounded place of calm that greatly serves ourselves and those around us.


My online yoga community has been growing steady and I am so grateful for all those souls who I get to see twice a week, through a live class or recording. I will continue my zoom classes into 2021 until there is no more interest for yoga and connection via Zoom.

My public classes continue to inspire me, and if you live in Dubai, you can find me twice a week at Zoga, downtown Dubai.

Yoga in the Garden ( aka my humble abode)will continue in January, once a week. This is another highlight of my week. Seeing my lovely yoga girl friends, sharing yoga, meditation and healthy juices and a chat, post practice.

And of course, there is always the life coach in me, that pops up here and there, offering my ear to anyone who wants to find some clarity or simply feel better.

I am working on bringing you courses and a wider range of packages in 2021!

I am really excited for this and will keep you updated


Connection with people is everything. Genuine care for others is empowering, it inspires and can help us all thrive. Let’s always remember that we are in this together and that this Mother ship is carrying us all in the same direction.

Be kind, forgive, judge less.

With so much love,



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