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December 2023 Reflections

My Gratitude Mirror

"Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped



Dear Friends,


I trust this newsletter finds you in positive spirits as we welcome the final weeks of December. I wanted to share a personal reflection that unfolded after attending the transformational "Date With Destiny," a 6-day in-person event in Florida, USA, led by the incredible Tony Robbins.


Following the seminar, my husband and I decided to extend our stay in Miami for an extra day before heading back to Dubai. It was during this time, in a beautifully appointed hotel bathroom, that I had a profound encounter with a magnifying mirror. Yes, with a magnifying mirror! I always thought they were meant for either pick your eyebrows ( i.e. grooming) or to search for a pimple on your face. I really did! Never ever did it occur to me that those mirrors were to help those with eye sight challenge see better when they put make up, for example. Well, that someone is me, nowadays!


When I took my glasses off and looked at the mirror I was so delighted to actually see myself so clearly which meant I will have no issues using an eye pencil and mascara correctly without making it smudge all over my lids and do it fast. While the practical benefits for applying makeup seamlessly were evident, the true revelation landed in the emotional discovery it brought.


The reflection that stared back at me wasn't merely a visual correction of my eyesight; it was a prescription of gratitude. Without my glasses, I gazed at my own eyes, noticing the vivid green hue and the beautiful length of my eyelashes, untouched by extensions (which I used to do from time to time). For the first time in a long time I said to myself " wow, your eyes are actually beautiful". I then discovered the clarity of my otherwise dry skin, realizing that a light concealer might be all I ever need really, foregoing the usual daily foundation to cover the imperfections. The evident wrinkles around my eyes, far from being signs of aging, seemed to impart wisdom and depth to my face. And as I looked even longer, I saw the spark in my eyes reflecting a passion and drive for life, family, my work, achievements...that still burned brightly within me.


I smiled. I realized that this magnifying mirror was not a tool to scrutinize flaws but a mirror of Gratitude.

I saw so clearly my worth, my beauty, and my grace. Something I rarely pause to acknowledge or think about.


Reflecting on this moment, I am reminded that feeling of gratitude is a deliberate choice, one that requires seeking rather than waiting for it to naturally appear. We are all wired and conditioned by our culture to focus on lack, worry, and problems, perpetually primed to feel unworthy and seek external validation. It becomes imperative, then, to consciously prime ourselves DAILY with positive thoughts and affirmations, RECLAIMING our minds and souls.


I encourage you to find your own "Gratitude Mirror" or whatever speaks to you. Let it be a daily reminder of how truly AWESOME you are and how worthy you are of an amazing life. It's time to release old patterns and stories that no longer serve us, making space for the beautiful moments that await. And along the way, let's replace our expectations for appreciations for all that we already have and who we are. Notice how one small thought of gratitude can make you feel better in an instant?

Friends, we have the power to change our inner experience, if we want to. Remember, we don't live the life we have. We live the life we focus on.


 Wishing you the last few weeks of December filled with gratitude, and the recognition of your inherent awesomeness.


With warmth and gratitude,



p.s. And how adorable and proud is my son in the photo? I am grateful for this life and his hand on mine.


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