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Looking weird, but feeling good

"I would love to live like a river flows carried by the surprise of its own unfolding"~

John O'Donahue

Greetings dear friends,

I trust your November is unfolding with warmth and safety, wherever you may be.

For those who've followed my journey through my blogs and newsletters, you're aware of my affinity towards those unhurried moments of inspiration, the ones that evolve naturally, unscripted, and without haste. Some may perceive it as a recipe for anxiety, but for me, it's the only way to live a wholesome fluid life... In a continuous creative response to whatever is present, moment to moment.

The truth is, I wasn't entirely certain about the content of this month's blog. In a world laden with suffering and injustice, I pondered how I might make a difference. Can my words and life inspire positive change in others, encouraging them to lead better lives, to be better people? Even in our small everyday often mundane routines? Perhaps my own story of unconventional and untraditional motherhood can inspire and nurture more loving awareness, kindness, and understanding in our world.

As I sifted through an endless stream of photos in search of inspiration, I chose one from our family holiday in Vietnam. It captures four "strangers" swept up in a moment of joy on the streets of Hoi An. I stared at it with wonder and awe, marveling at how we all came together.

While there is so much to share about our " becoming a family" journey, I will let it unfold over the next few months, if it feels right. Today, I'd like to reflect on how these remarkable little humans have become our greatest teachers and blessings. To love someone who doesn't resemble me, think like me, or come from the same culture has been the most profound experience. To be accepted and loved back just as much, has been a blessing beyond measure.

Our unconventional path to familyhood has taught me to broaden my understanding of LOVE, extending beyond biology, genetics, culture, and race. It has then opened my heart and mind to love and understanding beyond my children, marriage, and family circumstances, to encompass the world around me. It has taught me to appreciate, understand, and embrace the differences in ALL people EVERYWHERE, enriching my life in countless ways.

I was surprised by what I discovered; a capacity to GROW love despite what every culture has ever thought me. I felt my heart's infinite and limitless ability to love so deeply, and beyond every fearful thought, doubt and uncertainty. I am inspired to see what the possibilities of our lives can be when we are unafraid to challenge cultural norms and break the stereotypes . To live according to our own truth.

And then when my life gets weirder, I just remind myself what a spiritual teacher once told me when I asked how to know if I am on a right path, one that is meant for me.

This is what she said: "If it looks weird but it feels good, you are on a right path".

so there you go. Simple as that. If it looks strange and weird (to others), and it feels good to you, you are most likely heading in the right direction. Towards your North Star.

Wishing you all lot's of beautiful weirdness, PEACE and love,



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