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My first blog post

Hello friends!

If you are reading this, thank you.

It is my first blog post, ever, and I have been meaning to write it since I first created my website years ago but here I am, nearly 6 years later. I am aiming to write one of these a month, to share, reflect and connect with you outside of Instagram. This feels more personal like I am reaching you directly and means I can write more words rather then be restricted by Instagram word counts. A lot has happened since that initial intention to write a blog post all those years ago. My amazing kids are now 6 ( “and a half”, as Meki proudly reminds me) and Obbi is 5. They are my reason, my inspiration, my purpose. Every day I realize more and more how all of the life circumstances led me to them. The path that often felt so bumpy and unjust, proved to be the road map to this full and rich life I am living now.


I've recently been reflecting on the time when I lived in California and decided to move back to the East Coast. I'd like to share the story...

In that time there were no Google Maps, Wayz or any of those “can’t live without” apps. Phone was just a phone, to make and receive calls. I simply had to look up on the paper map how to get across the country, which highways and exits to take, and where to rest and sleep. Then I wrote it all down on a big piece of yellow paper, put it on a passenger seat and got on the road with my hands tight on a steering wheel. I was like a piece of wood driving that U- Hall tense and nervous. After a few days, I made it safely to the end of the journey and I felt so relieved and proud for doing it all on my own. For me it was a big deal. For some probably not, but for me this felt like I have just crossed the continent with nothing but trust in my abilities to drive through the night, rain, long quiet highways, abandon little towns (hello Alamo, texas!) and make it to the end in one piece!

Life is like that. It’s magical, uncertain, mysterious, bumpy... and more chances and risks you get to take, the closer you are to your best destiny. One that is meant for you.


Now, onto some yoga news...

If you follow me on Instagram ( @yogidanica) you may know that I have been sharing yoga via Zoom (Covid made me do it!) twice a week, in addition to my in-person classes. To be honest I thought it would die off after the summer and after the studios have re-opened but it’s still going and growing. I am thankful for my Zoom community for supporting me in this online venture. I know there are so many offerings out there and many are free, so when I say “thank you” I say it with huge appreciation.

I have now upgraded my booking system in the website to make it much easier for you to book, pay and track your class passes. You can also manage your account to see what classes you're scheduled in for.

My classes for November are up there, December will be coming shortly.

And if you're unable to join live? No worries, I send the link valid for 5 days right after the class.

Garden Yoga

Summer is finally over here in Dubai. We are one of those places where we actually can’t wait for summer to be over! With that being said, I am super excited to now be offering outdoor yoga in my beautiful garden.

- Once a week, every Tuesday at 9 am -

Limited to 8 people per session

I love deep connection with people. I love seeing them grow on the mat and in life. I love to encourage them to challenge their limiting believes. So having another way and opportunity to see you ( in my garden) means more connection, more love, more feelings, more presence.

My group studio classes remain the same:

Sundays and Thursdays at my sweet Zoga downtown Dubai ( Zoga is a combo Zen+Yoga)

I continue to offer private yoga classes (individual and small groups) you can read all about them on my website and I have added info about all things Life Coaching and the packages i'm offering.


Thats it for now friends

Thank you again

All my love,



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