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Navigating the Seas of Decision-Making: When to Set Sail

“By your stumbling, the world is perfected.” –Sri Aurobindo ( 19th century Indian philosopher)

Hello friends,


I haven't been in your inbox in the past month or more, but I am glad to be back. Life has been full, with our new house and the move, family holidays, and my Sri Lanka Retreat starting next week. But also, to be honest, I wasn't as inspired to write. Below musings may offer some insight on when's time for play and when for rest.


I am a disciplined person, but despite my disciplined routines in various aspects of my life (eating clean, sleeping well, daily exercise and yoga), I've come to realize that not everything can be approached with sheer willpower and determination.

 In the realm of creativity and work, particularly in sharing my passion for yoga and mindful living, I've learned to discern between what is merely routine and what carries genuine value. In a world inundated with marketing ploys and promises, intentional living and authenticity become paramount.


So when I am sitting down to write, I reflect if my words will bring you any value. As with writing, so with many other things, there's always a deeper element at play when it comes to making decisions that truly resonate with me.


So how do I know when is time to set sail for something new and meaningful…it could be a new project, new job, next retreat, a new newsletter?


  Growing up, I used to play this game with my friends, where you need to find a hidden  object by guiding a person with 3 clues only: warm, cold or hot. I am sure you did something similar too. " Cold" meant, person is far away from the treasure, "warm" meant he/she is moving in a right direction and "hot", meant the person is in the immediate proximity to the object.


      For me, this old game found a new meaning in my life, whereby when an idea feels warm on the inside, I know I am moving in the right direction. And when two ideas feel equally warm, I go with one that feels warmer. This decision-making process isn't rooted in logic; it's about tapping into our inner compass, our deepest truths. Through the practices of yoga and introspection, I've honed this ability to discern between what truly resonates and what doesn't.


Take, for instance, my decision to cancel a yoga retreat to Tanzania, this June. Despite the logical arguments for proceeding with the plans, an idea to pull a plug (for various reasons) felt incredibly good and warm. Trusting this instinct, I made the decision to veer course, despite the initial resistance from my rational mind. After all, I put a lot of time thinking about it, promoting on socials, creating marketing materials, etc. Logical thing would be to see it to execution, right?

Once I decided not to, I felt so light and free.


Try to play with this inquiry when your next idea pops up. Connect with the feeling inside of you. For me, it feels like a warm pudding in my belly.  To you, it may feel like something else, but it should have those warm pudding qualities. When you feel it, you'll know it. It’s time to set sail.


 May this insight serve you well on your journey.


with love,



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