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Sri Lanka Memories 2024


Karen L.

"You made me fall in love with yoga again. Your gentle guidance and deep wisdom are aspirational. Thank you for making my dream to visit Santani a reality. I have loved every moment. "


Minal K.

" I thought I was coming to fulfill my Santani wish, but I realize now it was so much more. I could not have expected how much wisdom I would get from all your talks. Thank you for holding space and allowing me to feel all the feels. .."

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Safia T.

" Retreats with you are always a surprise to behold and this one was truly no exception.. soothing, soulful, strong and spiritual. So grateful to you for holding space and for being the building light in my journey."


"...As someone who has never been to Kenya or Africa before, I left feeling as though I experienced as much of the country and culture as I could have in one week's time. It was so cool to see three different places - transferring such a large group around to different spots is no easy feat and you and Sophia took all the work out of that for us. The food we ate was delicious and plentiful, and man that surprise sunset event - WOW! What a memorable and INCREDIBLE end to that fantastic day!! I will never forget it." 

Katherine Kokkinos, Maine USA


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Yoga & Gorilla Trekking
in Uganda

June 27 - July 2 2023


Inner Journey
Yoga & Meditation Retreat in Zanzibar 

June 4th – 7th ,2021



Yoga, Meditation &
trekking in Nepal

May 3 - May 7.2022


Rest & Recharge Yoga Retreat

March 18-20th, 2021



Yoga Adventure & African Safari in Kenya

October 29-Nov 3,2022


Spiritual Yoga Retreat 
Rishikesh & Haridwar


March 18-23rd, 2023


WhatsApp Image 2021-10-24 at 11.23.31 AM.jpeg

Yoga & Meditation Retreat

Sri Lanka 
December 10th - 15th,2021


Luxury Yoga Retreat

Sri Lanka 
April 9th- 14th  2024 

More Retreat Testimonials



I feel incredibly grateful to have been on this yoga and meditation retreat in beautiful Sri Lanka, with the most amazing teacher Danica Al Kharfan. For the longest time I’ve wanted to go on a yoga retreat, but never found the one that just felt right. 

I was meant to go home for Christmas, but thanks to covid my plans got cancelled and for some reason, I found Danica. It was actually a very stressful and emotional time for me as I was so excited to go home for the holidays, but life had other plans for me. I did not know anything about Danica before this retreat, but I am so grateful that her post (randomly) appeared on my Instagram feed… it was fate!

From that first message I sent to Danica, I just felt at ease, and I knew that she was going to be someone special on my yoga journey. She was so encouraging, supportive, helpful and I’ll never forget what she said to me: “Don’t stress. It will all work out one way or the other. Take your time to make the right decision for you. It will all come together. Don’t stress.” And that is exactly what happened!! 

I can’t stop talking about this amazing yoga experience…. from the perfect location, the structure of the days on the retreat, meditation each morning, the asana practice, the lovely yogis, our teacher and the deep connections that were formed. My first yoga retreat has really set the bar very high!!

I have been doing yoga for many years and have had many teachers on my yoga path but none like Danica and I am eternally grateful that I met her. She has so much experience and made every practice different and challenging. I can honestly say that my yoga practice (asana, meditation, pranayama) has deepened on all levels.

Danica has the ability to connect with every person and is sensitive to each person’s needs. She has the ability to challenge you in each asana practice and once you are in the flow, you don’t want the practice to stop (we went on for more than 2hours some days). Even though I have done some postures a million times I feel that I have learned so much from her just by simple adjustments or tips she has given us. Danica also encouraged me to try some postures for the first time and helped me to get my “head” out of a headstand and handstand and overcome my fear!

Danica has so much compassion and love for others and passion for what she does, and this retreat has been the best 6 days. She is a such a generous teacher with so much knowledge and experience.

I did not only find a teacher but also a friend in Danica. Anyone will become a “richer” person for spending time on a yoga retreat with her. 1000% recommend this amazing teacher. Sign me up for your next retreat Danica! "

Lee A Harper, Abu Dhabi 

Sri Lanka Retreat

 "I don't know if I'll be able to put into words how much the last week has meant to me, and in large part, because of the role you played during the trip, but I'll try...! 


Your warmth, sincerity, integrity, kindness, caring nature, inclination to push us to be our best on the mats and in our minds - I have never met anyone like you before! I was inspired being around you and am so incredibly grateful to have been able to learn from and practice with you this past week. You have motivated me to have a completely refreshed outlook on life - I am inspired by witnessing how the principles you taught us this week on the mat translate into the life you live and how graciously, lovingly, and openly you treat everyone around you. 


I don't think it was a coincidence that Instagram's algorithm brought me to your retreat and will be forever grateful that it did - it was truly, truly an honor to have met and spent time with you as a person and a yogi. I really want to come on another retreat with you in the future. You are a gem of a human, and as a yoga teacher I couldn't have asked for anyone better to teach and lead me into new depths on the mat. Thank you for pushing me, teaching me, inspiring me, and welcoming me with open arms. I only wish I had the opportunity to take yoga with you regularly, but it will make future reunions in retreats or a visit to Dubai that much more special! :) 


Now having gushed over how wonderful YOU are, my feedback about the trip: it was just so well- and thoughtfully- organized. As someone who has never been to Kenya or Africa before, I left feeling as though I experienced as much of the country and culture as I could have in one week's time. It was so cool to see three different places - transferring such a large group around to different spots is no easy feat and you and Sophia took all the work out of that for us. The food we ate was delicious and plentiful, and man that surprise sunset event - WOW! What a memorable and INCREDIBLE end to that fantastic day!! I will never forget it. I loved that you brought in people from the Masai Mara to share some of their song and dance with us too. The properties we stayed at were SO neat and unique. I felt safe and comfortable the whole time. I thought the schedule was a good balance of activity and downtime. The yoga classes were challenging and you and Omar took the time and care to help adjust and ensure we were doing poses correctly, challenging us to level up each time. I loved the readings and poems you shared - they did move me to tears a few times. 


Thank you again for giving me one of the most special experiences of my life this past week. I look forward to staying in touch and hopefully to seeing you again in the future!

Katie Kokkinos, Maine USA

Kenya Retreat 

 "As of age 18, I have been traveling all around the world. I have gone through many special occasions and experienced unforgettable moments.  But after 50 years, my trip to Kenya beat all of the previous ones. It was not a safari trip, it was a yoga retreat within a safari , organized by my dear friend Danica Al Kharfan. For me, this journey to the wilderness was MAGICAL! It was simply breathtaking. Yoga with Danica is by itself a wonderful experience. SIMPLY PERFECT . Who wouldn’t enjoy a retreat like this while surrounded by mesmerizing animals and amazing nature. Danica, I thank you with all my heart. Can not wait for the next trip" 

Lale Ansingh Veral, Dubai 

Kenya Retreat 



 It has been short but a very impressive and an unforgettable journey: my 3 day Yoga retreat with Danica. Her professionalism, her humble nature, combined with her amazing teaching skills made this retreat truly an unforgettable one. Also the Yogis who joined the retreat were well chosen and were nearly all were on the same level. Danica very carefully picked a super venue for this retreat (Jebel Ali Resort) and outdoor facilities added a great value to our practices. I would recommend Danica’s retreats to all Yogis who would like to enjoy perfect Yoga practices in beautiful surroundings."
Lale A V, Dubai


Danica is a wonderful and wise soul. Beyond being an amazing yoga teacher she is such a loving, caring and compassionate being. I had the pleasure to experience her Yoga and Meditation retreat in Zanzibar. In this beautiful and totally natural surrounding we went on a journey into our inner selves.

Starting each day with a sunrise meditation at the beach followed by an extraordinary yoga class, we explored the island together. From a cultural tour in Stone Town, swimming with the dolphins to a meditation in a shelter in the mangroves, it was such a blissful time with lovely people. Danica was preparing our yoga and inner self work sessions in the Yoga Shala always with all of her heart. Whether strong vinyasa flow or Yin Yoga, she always knew exactly what we needed. All of her Yoga classes are so complete and beautiful - sharing her thoughts and beloved quotes in the end.

This retreat was not just an escape from the hustle and bustle of Dubai into this graceful place in Zanzibar, it was also a journey into the depths of our soul. Furthermore it created a wonderful community out of the individuals we have been in the beginning - held together by Danica. Thank you for all the wisdom, good energy and dedication your shared with us. You really live Yoga as an art. Thank you for always being there for me and taking care of everyone of us.

Jenny Traesch, Germany 

Zanzibar Retreat 

Hello, I'm Danica.

I am a yogi, a devoted mom to two divine Ethiopian kids and one energetic Saluki rescue.  Married to outstanding French guy, who kissed me back to life.


I lived across many continents from Australia, Malaysia, to North America,  and now call Dubai, UAE, my home. Here in this part of the world, I built my yoga career and I find inspiration in the desert's beauty and the city's vibrancy.

I am here to guide you on your yoga journey, by offering support both  in-person and online, as well through my Signature Yoga Retreats.

As a long time yoga practitioner, I've dedicated  many years to nurturing well-being and inner growth, both of myself and my students. My teaching style is a harmonious blend of dynamic and well balanced vinyasa flow classes, focused around intentional breath, movement and stillness. I am also a certified restorative yoga teacher as well as the kids yoga teacher.


My teaching is inspired by life and yoga philosophy, aiming towards unveiling your true Self,  your true nature. My classes are an invitation to explore deeper dimensions and aspects of yoga  through  movement ( asana practice) , breath (pranayama) and stillness (meditation). 

I equally enjoy planning and hosting  yoga retreats in places such as Africa, India, Sri Lanka and occasionally Dubai where I live.  Visit my retreat page to see where we've been so far! 

My next Retreat "Deep Nourishment" -Luxury Yoga Retreat  in April, in Sri Lanka has been sold out for months,  but stay tuned for the next one later in the year. Sign up for my newsletter  if you don't want to miss the next retreat,  or other events and free online classes. Thank you for your support and for being part of my online community. 

Your presence and feedback on here inspires and guides everything I create and offer. Thank you!

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